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Lolipop Paketleme | Bunchwrapper

Good looking, high quality, wrapping differentiates your products and therefore will make sure your product will be recognized and will make sure that customers wants to buy your product. Our GEA Aquarius wrapping equipment such as our BunchWrapper machinery will make sure that the high quality and appealing wrapping you would like to achieve is met with your and your customer’s expectations. The machine is suitable for heat-sealable wrapping materials such as cellophane, Polypropylene and laminates.


The GEA Aquarius BunchWrapper is renowned for the output and wrapping quality all over the world.To ensure that only this high quality the BunchWrapper can be equipped with an integrated GEA Aquarius Quality Assurance System. It automatically checks every lollipop on wrapping material and wrapping quality. A lollipop that does not meet your quality standards is automatically rejected and removed from your main product flow. 

  • Popcounter system to reject imperfect wrapped lollipops
  • Quality assurance system (optional)
  • Fewer operator-hours needed to manually check the final product   

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