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Tünel Fırınlar

An hybrid oven is combining the most appropriate heat transfer method on each stage of the baking process of cookies.
The Cyclothermic is the more flexible oven and suitable for many necessities. In this indirect oven the combustion products pass inside tube bundles without coming in contact with the product. Heat exchange is basically by radiation (due to the difference between the walls of the tibes and the product) and in small part by natural convection (air laps against the tubes, heats up and transmits heat to the product) This radiant bake gives gentle texture and distinctive characteristics on the surface of the product.
Another improvement of baking quality is achieved adding in the final part of the oven a Convection oven section, with recirculation of clean hot air inside the baking chamber (turbulence). This configuration gives the possibility of handling with better efficiency and flexibility two of the more important parameters: final humidity rate of the product and the even bake on sides and top and bottom of the product. The final humidity rate is ensuring an excellent “shelf life”, while the even bake is giving an aspect absolutely equal and agreeable on the full surface.
In particular cases the oven could be fully cyclothermic.

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